12W 24VDC CREE Edge-lit LED Module For Lightbox

The Lumening CREE Edge-lit LED modules are specially engineered to brightly and spotlessly light up your beautiful fabric light box.

This 12W module is designed to be installed along the inner sides of both single-sided and double-sided fabric light boxes. Equipped with high-power LEDs from CREE or OSRAM (or as customized), combined with high quality lenses, the module achieves excellent performance.


Product features:

Quality Light source: This Edge-lit LED module is equipped with CREE XLamp(or OSRAM) High Power LEDs, highly reliable and has excellent performance. Color temperature ranging from warm white to cold white available to choose from.

Optimized Light distribution: Redirected by high-transmittance PMMA optics, light from the LEDs is bound within the beaming angles of 9 degrees and 50 degrees perpendicularly, when lighting across 2 opposite sides, This Module is able to brightly and evenly illuminate 100 cm to 250 cm of light box fabric with no hot spots and shadows.

Great Thermal dissipation: High quality Aluminum PCB effectively conducts heat away from the LEDs, creating an ideal working condition for the LEDs and other electronic components over running hours.

Ideal Driving method: The module comes with an on-board constant current power unit that feeds the LEDs with fine-tuned and steady amps, optimizing the LEDs over all performance. The module itself is driven by 24 Volt Direct Current power supply.

Easy Installation: The LED module is designed to install along the inner side of the light box’ aluminum frame by means of screws and nuts or heat-conducting adhesive tape that requires no professional skill.

Simple connection: Connection between modules is plug and play with no restriction of polarity, completely straightforward and worry-free.

Dimmable: This edge-lit module is dimmable with PWM dimmers, this function is optional.

Fully tested: Every module is a survivor from thorough and harsh aging test before shipping. Good quality is ensured.

Energy-saving: Power consumption of the product is up to 75% lower than conventional light box lighting with fluorescent tubes.


Power Consumption 12W


Working Voltage 24V


Luminous Flux 800Lm


Beam Angle 9°×50°

or as required

Correlated Color Temperature



as required

Color Rendering Index


LED Quantity 4pcs

or as customized


XT-E, XP-G, XP-E…as required

PCB Type Aluminum Backed
LED Spacing 50mm

or as required

Dimensions 200L×23W×14H mm

or as customized

Length of Male Connector

with cable


or as customized

Length of Female Connector

with cable


or as customized

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